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Account Management

Do I need a MyHealth360 user account to make purchases?

No, however creating a user account offers you the convenience of a quick and easy checkout process, as all your details will be kept and pre-filled during checkout. You would also be able to easily track your purchases history. 

Without a user account, you can check out as a guest and provide your personal details as required.

I have created a MyHealth360 account on the mobile app; may I use the same account to access the MyHealth360 shop on the web?

Yes. Your user account can be accessed from any platform, whether it is on the mobile app, mobile web or desktop.

How can I update my email address and/or contact number?

You can log in to your MyHealth360 account and update your contact number. However, you will not be able to edit the email address used during account creation. For assistance to update your email address, please contact our call centre at +65 6812 6499

How do I cancel / merge my MyHealth360 accounts?

Please contact our call centre at +65 6812 6499. We'd be glad to assist you.


What are the health services available at MyHealth360 shop?

MyHealth360 offers a wide range of health services from trusted healthcare brands such as Parkway Shenton, Gleneagles Hospital,  Mount Elizabeth Hospital and Parkway East Hospitals. 

Please check in on our offerings regularly at

I am a corporate customer with Parkway Shenton. Will I be eligible to purchase health services or/and products under corporate preferential rates?

No. While a corporate customer purchase MyHealth360’s range of health services, you will not be able to checkout with corporate preferential rates. Please enquire with your HR on utilising services under corporate rates.

How do I request a refund on the products I’ve purchased?

Purchases on MyHealth360 are non-refundable and non-exchangeable. Requests for refunds are handled on a case-by-case basis. Please review the terms and conditions on the relevant product page

I am eligible for the Singapore government healthcare scheme and subsidies. Can I use the benefits for products and services on the MyHealth360 shop?

No. Health services and products on the MyHealth360 shop are offered independently from the Singapore government healthcare scheme and subsidies.

Is there a validity period to utilise purchased health services?

Yes, this information can be found on the relevant product pages. Please utilise the health service within one (1) year from the date of purchase.

How do I track my order history?

To track your orders, please login MyHealth360 shop and access your Orders History.


What credit cards are accepted for payments on MyHealth360?

All major credit and debit cards are accepted, such as American Express, Visa, and MasterCard.

What payment modes are Available on MyHealth360?

Only payment via credit cards are accepted. Instalments, debit cards and other forms of payments are currently unavailable.


How do I book an appointment after purchasing a health service on MyHealth360?

After completing payment, you will be given an option to book an appointment. You can select a preferred date and time via the schedule appointment link on the purchase confirmation page. 

For MyHealth360 registered users, you can also log in to your account and schedule an appointment via the Order History tab.

For non-registered users, please refer to the order confirmation email for the appointment links.

How do I reschedule an  appointment that was booked via MyHealth360?

You can manage your appointments via the following options:

1. Login to MyHealth360 Shop. Then select My Orders > Appointments.

2. Download the MyHealth360 mobile app to manage your appointment directly.

My purchase  consists of multiple sessions/doses (For e.g, vaccination and service packages). How do I schedule an appointment?

Presently, any service appointment you make via MyHealth360 is only for the first session. For subsequent visits, you can schedule your appointment directly with the clinic or you can contact our call centre at +65 6812 6499.

Health Screenings

Can I choose the location of my purchased health screening?

Parkway Shenton clinics and Executive Health Screening Centres are conveniently located across the island. Once you confirm your health screening purchase, you will be given an option to book your appointment and select your preferred location.

How does a health screening purchase work?

1.Purchase your package via MyHealth360. You will have the option to book your appointment during checkout, or later at a more convenient time.

2. Receive an order confirmation email from MyHealth360.

3. Present and verify your order confirmation email in physical or digital format on the day of your appointment. Make sure the reference ID on the order confirmation is clearly visible. 

How do I upgrade my purchased health screening package or add additional tests?

On the day of your health screening appointment, our clinic can assist you with a package upgrade or add-on tests. Additional payment can be made in person during your appointment.


Do I need to book an appointment after purchasing a vaccination package?

Yes, after purchasing your vaccination package, it is recommended that you book an appointment before you proceed to the clinic. This is to ensure there are vaccines available at your preferred clinic.

If I purchase a vaccination that I don't need, can I replace it with another?

During your vaccination appointment,  our clinic will assess your suitability for your purchased vaccine. If deemed unsuitable, you have the option to replace it with another vaccine or service at the clinic.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Can I customise or request additional treatments for my purchased TCM package?

Yes, you can make these requests during your appointment. Additional or switching of treatments and procedures are subject to the attending physician’s assessment during the consultation and may incur additional costs payable at the clinic

Can I opt for a different treatment from the one I purchased after seeing the TCM physician?

Our TCM physician will advise on treatments beneficial to you during your TCM consultation. You may opt to add  extra treatment services or make changes to your TCM services during the appointment. This may incur additional charges at the clinic.

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